What happened with famous Madison Beer Tiktok star

What happened with famous Madison Beer Tiktok star Designer Dresses

Well, Madison Beer bio can certainly make you feel surprised. Her career was not that of an ordinary celebrity. And most probably, in 2023 she can double her earnings!
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In 2013, the young singer signed a contract with UK record company Island Records and released two professional music videos, Melodies (2013) and Unbreakable (2014). Eighteen-year-old Justin Bieber appears at the beginning of the Melodies video, which was supposed to go along with the success of the project.

But to Madison's great disappointment, both of these singles don't even make the charts. According to the singer herself, marketing for Island Records wanted to promote her image as a "Teenybopp" girl - a youth subculture aimed at teenagers.

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Music and modelling career

Disagreeing with her record company's ideas, Madison broke her contract in 2016 and began trying her hand at modelling. The singer signs a contract with modeling agency IMG models and in 2017 is already presenting the Dolce & Gabbana collection at Milan Fashion Week. Also during this period, her extended photo shoot for the youth version of Vogue magazine is released.

Her status as a popular model with a prestigious global modeling agency has completely changed her image. In 2017, the singer and model, releases her debut mini-album, As She Pleases. Her lead song, 'Dead', and the music video shot for it, literally radiate eroticism and allure, and the track, 'Home with You', is ranked 21st on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 charts in 2018.

Having signed with Epic Records, model and singer Madison Beer releases two more singles in 2020, 'Selfish' and 'Good in Goodbye', confirming her new image as a sultry beauty. In the music video for 'Good in Goodbye', Madison appears to fans as a modern day, Lara Croft-style belligerent Amazon.

Madison Beer and Nick Austin 

Once upon a time in Hollywood, in September 2020, Madison went on a date with celebrity tic-tac-toe Nick Austin. But once again, the singer failed to get a secret from her fans. Mean-spirited photographers caught up with the pair and snapped a couple of pictures. After all, Nick Austin was then the second most popular American TikTok blogger after dancer Edison Ray. Beer wasn't the last person on the social network either. Her TikTok videos were watched by 13 million followers. So the young stars' interest in each other was deemed logical by fans. In March 2021, Madison and Nick confirmed their romance. The blogger congratulated the singer on her birthday and posted a photo together. But already in June, fans suspected a rift in the couple. Bier and Austin stopped appearing on each other's pages. Proof of the couple's breakup fans saw in the fact that the curly-haired blogger shaved his head - along with his hair, he got rid of his frustration. Interesting facts Madison has been religious since childhood. At 12, she underwent a rite of Jewish majority for girls Bat Mitzvah. The celebration took place in New York City at Madison Square Garden. To celebrate her spiritual maturity, the young Bier sang "Life Is Beat," a song of her own composition.

Madison was brought to Island Records by Justin Bieber, who also worked with the company. She was promoted by Bieber's manager Scooter Brown. Madison and Justin are still in touch. The singer is friends with his wife Hailey Baldwin.

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