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Cinema is not only a means of entertainment. It is a great source of inspiration, training, and even business ideas.
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And if you've been wondering how to spend a few evenings in an interesting and useful way, this list is for you. Here we have collected the best films about business, motivation and success, so that anyone, even the most picky moviegoer, will find a new film for themselves. We used this list for reference: Best Business Movies.

Don't be surprised if I also see TV shows on this list. Now they have become so interesting and thoughtful that they successfully compete with large-budget cinema. That being said, the films on this list do not necessarily speak of business. They can be about success, successful people, and new ideas. But you can still learn something new and put it into practice. We will accompany the best films about business with a rating from Kinopoisk and IMDB. So that you can see the quality of the film immediately, and make the decision about viewing more meaningfully.


It is sacrilege not to start this list with a Martin Scorsese movie. Perhaps no one has yet spoken about success and its price with the same cynicism, humor and a beautiful picture. The film follows the path of Jordan Belfort, a securities trader, on the road to success. This is an absolutely real person who learned to sell so effectively that people paid him money just so that he just talked to them. He knew everything: the poverty of office plankton, and the success of a famous player on the stock exchange, and imprisonment. But best of all, "The Wolf of Wall Street" shows how it is: to get to the top and even after falling from it, to climb up again and again. Definitely a worthwhile painting for anyone striving for success.


Jerry Maguire is a beautiful film that is often overlooked in the list of the best business films. But everything was mixed up there: an excellent director, and talented actors, and a great idea. In the story, Jerry Maguire is a successful sports agent. It promotes sports teams or individual players. And at some point, he realizes that he is the best agent in the company, and behaves defiantly. For this he is fired, and he has to learn to succeed on his own. We will not tell the whole story. Let's just say that this story teaches you to correctly prioritize, value yourself and make the right decisions. There is no better option for raising morale.


Remembering the best films about business, one should not forget about real success stories. For example, about the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. The film takes his life as a basis and complements it with additional dramatic details. Therefore, one should not expect the authenticity of documentary films from him. Here, on the contrary, an interesting and, in a sense, instructive story is told. "Social network" helps you understand how to properly interact with business partners. And also with sponsors and even clients. And, of course, how to develop your startup from scratch.

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