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Warehouse work. What does a warehouse complex operator do and how much does he receive?
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Logistics is a set of measures aimed at the delivery and organization of storage of goods in the most rational way. What is behind this dull definition?

Behind him is the work of truckers, economists, operators of warehouse complexes. From the point of view of a warehouse operator, we invite you today to take a look at logistics in case you are looking for Warehouse jobs.


The interview questionnaire required all absolutely available data, from the date of birth to the place of work of your next of kin. After filling out the questionnaire, in order of priority, employees of the personnel department (yes, that's what the personnel department is called there) were invited directly to the interview.

As it turned out, experience in similar companies was optional. Several questions were asked, most of them very banal:

  • Where did you find the job posting?
  • “Do you have experience of working in similar organizations?”;
  • "Do you own Excel and Outlook office programs?" Etc.

Of course, I had little knowledge of these programs from school, so I was sure that I would not have any problems during my work. Briefly, they told me about what my job as an operator would be. Basically it was work at the computer and paperwork. Also, every new employee who comes to them in the company is required to undergo training.

Salaries and work schedule

Of course, I, like any other person who came for an interview, needed the entire digital or “monetary” component of the job. A pleasant personnel officer told me that they have a lot of work schedules, they have a day / three, there are 2/2, there are 5/2, there is a day / night or two at home.

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