Types of double beds: frame, construction, shape, style

Types of double beds: frame, construction, shape, style Designer Dresses

Sleeping takes up a large part of human life. During this time we recuperate, gain strength and maintain good health.
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A comfortable bed is essential for a good night's sleep. The double bed model is preferred by lovers or spouses and those who like a lot of space. In this article we'll look at what kinds of double beds exist and what their features are.

Pros and cons of a double bed

A bed in your bedroom not only has practical importance but also plays an important aesthetic role. So that you can choose both a beautiful and functional sleeping bed at the same time, we will tell you about the pros and cons of this type of furniture.

The main advantage is a wide space, which can be used for meeting with friends. It can accommodate up to 4 adults while watching a movie. Another advantage is the sturdy construction, which lasts quite a long time, more than 10 years. In addition, you can choose furniture for all tastes and designs. There are inflatable portable versions and amazing wrought iron models. Headboard, too, can be different: soft, unusual shape or without any frills. Large beds usually have special niches for storage. This is a great advantage for small flats, where every meter should be used rationally.

A wide sleeping space is not always an advantage. After all, not every room has the space to put massive furniture. However, the field of interior design is developing at a rapid pace, and today you can find versions of double beds, which in a few seconds collected into a small sofa. Another disadvantage is the high price of the bed, if you compare it to a single bed model.

What types of double beds are available in terms of size

Before buying a double bed, you need to decide on its size. The optimal model is the one that fits perfectly into the room dimensions and is comfortable enough. Manufacturers are trying to take into account all aspects and offer a wide range of sizes.

The most popular size is 160x200. The minimum size for European manufacturers is 200x200 cm. The Americans produce furniture that is 135 cm wide. In addition to standard models, there are other types of double beds.

Types of double beds by frame

The construction of the product should be sturdy. For this reason, most people choose a metal base for a double bed frame. The frame can be of three types:

  • The simplest and strongest is made in the form of a frame with two longitudinal tsars and headboards.
  • A design that has 4 tiers with backs and sides as decorative parts.
  • The strongest base consists of transverse and longitudinal members and has legs.

If the right design is chosen, the double bed will be comfortable even for a person with a lot of weight. In the past, the emphasis was on the appearance of the product. Today, attention is paid not only to design, but also to form and material of which the furniture is made. In this way, a modern bed can be a real masterpiece due to its functionality and decorative design.

Which mattress is best for a double bed?

You can choose a springless mattress with a soft filling made of latex or polyurethane foam. But keep in mind that although an inexpensive frame will last you a long time, the same cannot be said for a cheap mattress. It is better to opt for a good and comfortable model that will have a favourable effect on your sleep. Also keep in mind that a double bed is usually slept in by two people, which implies double the load on the mattress. This means that a cheap product will not last.

We recommend that you pay attention to mattresses with spring inserts and special material that regulates firmness. Hard versions have layers of coconut fibres and soft ones consist of latex. Buy a mattress that costs at least $300. This product is of high quality, which means it meets the necessary standards and will last you a long time. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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