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Some 3-4 years ago, only models with TN + Film matrices could be classified as real gaming monitors, but they fundamentally did not suit those who wanted to get a universal device - not only fast, but also with accurate color reproduction, stable picture and good viewing angles. After the appearance of the first 120-Hz TN, it took more than 5 years to wait, but now you can find a fast monitor for every taste and budget on sale.
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Where to begin

First of all, as with the purchase of any other equipment, you need to clearly define the budget: plan the amount that you are ready to part with relatively easily, and set the maximum bar that you are ready to rise to if necessary - in order to get the best of the most suitable for your needs. Without this, the selection process can drag on for a long time, and if you connect to this the constant expectation of what manufacturers will present in a month / quarter / six months, then even for a year or two, or even ad infinitum (see for instance).

Here we note the following: practice shows that most of the new on the monitor market is a well-forgotten old in a new “wrapper”, and for real and serious improvements, manufacturers at first ask too much. Thus, in most cases, you should focus on time-tested technologies or be ready to overpay for novelty and additional features / features.

Only one or second one?

At the second stage, you should decide whether the new monitor will be the only one on your desktop, used to perform a variety of tasks, or whether it will become the second and will be used exclusively for games without serious requests for picture quality - the type of monitor you use depends heavily on this. matrices. There are often cases when a person is professionally engaged in photography, video or graphics, but does not deny himself the pleasure of spending a couple of hours playing the game and wants to get a high-quality device “for everything at once”. Then the choice is sharply limited and simplified. Similarly, if the buyer just needs the fastest monitor on the market, and he is ready to turn a blind eye to all its shortcomings, even if there are a lot of these shortcomings.

Technical points

Next, we immediately proceed directly to the technical points of choice, not forgetting that in this material we will consider only the segment of real “gaming monitors”, which can only include models with a vertical scan rate of 100 Hz and higher. We know that many manufacturers are trying to attribute models with 60-75 Hz to this class, but let it remain on their conscience, because with the same success almost all solutions released over the past 10-15 years could be called "gaming" - the difference is only in the support of adaptive synchronization systems, which remove gaps and some jerkiness of the picture, but are not able to increase the smoothness of what is happening on the screen while maintaining the already familiar vertical frequency.

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