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Best keyboard for computer programmers Designer Dresses

Programming began in ancient Egypt, and today it is used in the decoding of genes. It seems like some kind of magic, but in reality they are just programs that work. ... From ancient Egypt to genome sequencing: what programming really is. Programming in the narrow sense is the writing of programs, and in the broadest sense, the creation of instructions for any system that can perceive them.
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Programming languages

The very meaning of "programming" is not tied to a language. The task of the developer is to explain to the machine what he wants from it. A programming language is just a tool to do it. Here, as with people, what language to speak depends on who you say it to. It is unlikely that you will explain something to an Italian in Russian, right? But the idea of ​​what you want to convey is not tied to either Russian or Italian. You choose a programming language depending on what tasks you are facing. If this is development for Android, then Kotlin or Java. iOS = Swift. ... It is worth starting with the fact that it is not suitable for everyone. Not because of the level of knowledge in programming, but because it requires more self-organization, self-control and responsibility. I know cool developers who, in my opinion, would not be comfortable working remotely. Communication is the second big challenge in remote work. See also this Best keyboard for computer programmers link.

Best keyboard for programming

The Corsair K100 is a good gaming keyboard with laser-powered switches that delivers incredible speed. Here, even the most demanding eSports stars have nothing to complain about.

There are many additional functions: programmable keys, playback control buttons and a special wheel. The latter can be configured to perform many different actions, from scrolling the page to adjusting the brightness of the RGB backlight.

However, the price is scary - from $400, so this keyboard should be considered for purchase only if you need maximum speed. If you are just going to play Minecraft, Planet Zoo or Crusader Kings, I advise you to look for another model.

I can type fast and would really like the keyboard to have minimal key travel and also be relatively quiet. I love the keyboard on older MacBooks and the old Dell Inspiron 5520, so I really wanted a keyboard in this style.

I spied the keyboard itself from the creator of the Yii2 framework. Before that, I tried unsuccessfully for a long time to find something similar.

The keyboard does not move on the table

Especially this point highlighted in bold. It doesn't really ride on the table when you type. How would you explain what I mean. Have you ever had the keyboard move a little while typing? This keyboard doesn't have that. The keyboard looks like it's nailed to my homemade 2-panel desk.

As you place it on the table, so it will stand. Unless you specifically move it. My $40 worker can't do that, it would be nice to replace her too.

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