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Best electric bike under 2000 Designer Dresses

As in the case of compacts, Xiaomi’s larger electric bike was also a success. However, it was created for independent trips without cargo - the design is sporty, there was no room for a trunk and a basket. Unfortunately sporty in design only, the low-powered 250W motor only gets the bike up to 25km/h. The bet is made on an impressive power reserve of 80 kilometers. And Xiaomi also thought about additional goodies.
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There are many models of such vehicles on sale. Choosing the best electric bike is not easy: they differ from each other in design features and technical characteristics, which will predetermine the scope. Consider their types, highlight the features of each.

By engine type

The design of implies the presence of different power units.

The classic engine is the main element in the vehicle system. The heart of an e-bike, responsible for dynamics and speed. Depending on the installation site, the principle of operation and technical characteristics, several types are distinguished:

  • With motor-wheel - installed as a replacement for one of the wheels. This engine can turn any bike into an electric one. Such transport will have a power of 150 to 4000 watts.
  • Geared - motors are characterized by high torque, which greatly facilitates climbing uphill and downhill, as well as overcoming obstacles. The power unit consumes less energy, is compact and economical. The motor weight is less than 5kg. The maximum speed is 30 km/h.
  • Direct-drive bushing - a powerful motor that allows you to reach speeds of more than 40 m / h. But the torque is significantly lower, so it will be difficult for the bike to overcome pits and potholes. Much more energy is consumed, a more powerful battery is required. Recovery will save the battery and extend the service life. Such an engine weighs more than 6 kg, which significantly increases the weight of the vehicle.
  • With a carriage (outboard) motor - such an engine has a place in the pedal carriage, and the battery is located at the bottom of the frame. The energy is transferred through the chain to the bike's rear sprocket. With the help of the speed switch, you can control the load yourself when pedaling. The power of such a power unit is from 400 to 1600 W, and the maximum speed is 120 km / h. Such a motor will provide good rolling, dynamism and controllability. The intensive work of the power unit will not last long, it wears out quickly and needs to be replaced.
  • With friction transmission - the design implies the presence of a roller inside, with the help of friction of which the torque is transmitted directly to the wheel tire. The principle of such work provides low efficiency, so the appointment is limited to light urban and children's models. The engine is noisy and has poor handling in bad weather.

Which of these is better is up to the buyer to decide, but it is worth considering that the most practical option is a motor-wheel: it has an affordable cost and has decent technical characteristics. Any bike can be converted with such an engine.

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